No skim, no soy: filter coffee back on cafe menu


”It’s more pure”: Reuben Mardan encourages appreciation of the finer things by coffee lovers at his Surry Hills business. Photo: Jacky Ghossein

Lattes are louche, and soy is so yesterday. Now some baristas are banning milk altogether, in an effort to educate their customers on the finer points of espresso.

Reuben Mardan, owner of Sample Coffee in Surry Hills, has ruled out milk for one day each month. He calls it Black Saturday.

”On Black Saturdays, we only make filter coffee and espresso. Just black, no milk,” the self-confessed coffee purist said. ”It’s more pure and you can pick up notes of fruits and spices.”

Since introducing Black Saturdays, orders for pure filter coffee during the week have risen from two cups to 30 a day. Mr Marden anticipates the figure will rise.

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