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Will this really be a real game changer for GJC and our recruitment target? Take a look and judge for yourself.
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No skim, no soy: filter coffee back on cafe menu


”It’s more pure”: Reuben Mardan encourages appreciation of the finer things by coffee lovers at his Surry Hills business. Photo: Jacky Ghossein

Lattes are louche, and soy is so yesterday. Now some baristas are banning milk altogether, in an effort to educate their customers on the finer points of espresso.

Reuben Mardan, owner of Sample Coffee in Surry Hills, has ruled out milk for one day each month. He calls it Black Saturday.

”On Black Saturdays, we only make filter coffee and espresso. Just black, no milk,” the self-confessed coffee purist said. ”It’s more pure and you can pick up notes of fruits and spices.”

Since introducing Black Saturdays, orders for pure filter coffee during the week have risen from two cups to 30 a day. Mr Marden anticipates the figure will rise.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/good-food/drink/no-skim-no-soy-filter-coffee-back-on-cafe-menu-20130621-2oodw.html#ixzz2X7vNSGOL

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/good-food/drink/no-skim-no-soy-filter-coffee-back-on-cafe-menu-20130621-2oodw.html#ixzz2X7vDXFHp

Starbucks hiking prices despite lower bean costs

NEW YORK (AP) — Starbucks wants a little extra change for that latte.

The Seattle-based coffee company says it’s hiking prices on average by 1 percent nationally starting on Tuesday. But it says the price for many drinks, such as medium and large brewed coffees and Frappuccinos, won’t change in most its 11,000 U.S. cafes.

For a small brewed coffee, the price will increase by 10 cents at most. Other drinks could increase by more than that. “Less than a third of beverages will see a small increase in most stores,” said Lisa Passe, a Starbucks spokeswoman. She noted that the increases will vary by region and may apply to different drinks.


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Cafes are more important to the life and soul of a city than its restaurants


A hell of a lot of coffees died in the making of the first Sydney Morning Herald Good Café Guide. Our team went out morning after morning for months on end, battling cyclists, commuters and smart prams to get the good oil. Among them were several restaurant critics, a lawyer, an IT manager, a few food bloggers, and even a sommelier who describes his coffee in terms of wine – the aroma of one, for instance, ‘is rich, concentrated and intoxicating, full of roast hazelnut, cinnamon and clove.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/blogs/table-talk/wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee-the-smh-good-cafe-guide-is-here-20110617-1g897.html#ixzz2Wu908700


Melbourne trip April 2013

The lovely Janna McAnn and Samantha Gowing met with Glenn Hindson for a roadtrip to GJC and independents across metropolitan Melbourne and the CBD 23-24 April 2013.


GJC St Kilda Road


GJC St Kilda Road


Jamaica Blue, Westfield Doncaster


Jamaica Blue, Westfield Doncaster
Spinach, feta and thyme tart


Jamaica Blue, Westfield Doncaster
Mini breakfast fritatta


Sam at GJC kiosk Melbourne Central


Brother Baba Budan Latte $4
359 Little Bourke Street Melbourne 03 9606 0449

Mister Close’s philosophy
A cafe should be a happy place.
A place of hospitality, comfort and conversation.
Our cafe is an open kitchen and open cookbook and open heart.
Our food is made with love because we care.
We care about what you think how you eat and what you love because a cafe should be about the relationship you have with you and your tummy .

Mister Close

Mister Close

Mister Close Green Tea service

Mister Close tea service

Mister Close's Corn fritters with salmon

Mister Close’s Corn fritters with salmon



Cacao Green Yoghurt selection

Cacao Green Yoghurt selection

Cacao Green store props

Cacao Green store props

Cacao Green Banana Bread

Cacao Green Banana Bread

Cacao Green Yoghurt flow

Cacao Green Yoghurt flow

Starbucks launch lunch

NEW YORK — Starbucks wants coffee fans to think of it as a spot to grab lunch or late afternoon bite – not just a place to get a cup of morning joe.

The Seattle-based coffee chain is looking to increase its sales in the U.S. by making its food a bigger attraction, particularly in the slower afternoon and evening hours.

In April, for example, Starbucks Corp. launched several new sandwiches and salads, including options such as a Turkey and Havarti sandwich and a Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice Salad Bowl.

Troy Alstead, chief financial officer at Starbucks, said at the Jefferies Global Consumer Conference Tuesday that one out of every three purchases in the U.S. already includes a food item and that food accounts for 19 percent of overall sales. That’s up from the low-teens “not that many years ago,” he said.
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